About company

The Kazakhstan pharmaceutical company ATAMIRAS.S is a large regional distributor of medicines and medical products.

The latest technologies, constant expansion of the range, competent pricing and clear fulfillment of obligations to customers are the main advantages of our company.

The goal of our company is to provide high quality services, a wide range of products, at the required time, for the benefit of partners

Sustainable and profitable growth is the priority goal of ATAMIRAS.S. Striving for this goal opens up unlimited opportunities for our employees to search for new ideas and self-development, which are certainly encouraged by the company. Cooperating with global pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers of medical services, we offer pharmacy chains and other commercial and non-commercial organizations exceptionally high quality products, providing safe and profitable transportation of medicines and medical products, regardless of economic cycles.

Improving the quality of service, affordable prices and stable growth in the financial results of your business is the main mission of our company, as a partner in the distribution of goods in the sales market.

+ 5000

Items in the price list

+ +400


+ +5000

Loyal customers

кв.м 1800

The total area of the warehouse. The warehouse was built and equipped according to the GDP standard with the introduction of new technologies


The GDP certificate is the benchmark and indicator of the global standard for distribution practice

+ +150

Experienced staff with a high level of qualifications


In 2003, the wholesale and retail company MURAT-PHARM LLP was founded. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


In 2015, the management of MURAT-PHARM LLP decided to separate the wholesale department from retail, for this, ATAMIRAS.S LLP was created. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


In 2018, ATAMIRAS.S LLP moved to a new office with a warehouse. The total area is 3600 sq. Meters, of which a warehouse is 1800 sq. meters. The warehouse was built and equipped according to the GDP standard with the introduction of new technologies for the storage and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Gradually increasing its turnover, the company has taken a strong position in the pharmaceutical market, has acquired a good reputation as a reliable business partner.


The pharmacy warehouse of the ATAMIRAS.S company was inspected for compliance with the GDP standard in 2019 and is a holder of the GDP certificate.


The ATAMIRAS.S LLP company has opened a pharmacy warehouse in Almaty


Professionalism, in our vision, is a fusion of reliability and efficiency. ATAMIRAS.S is a time-tested, reliable, efficient service company that values trust in partners.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude is the foundation on which our positive attitude towards life, people, and ourselves is built, which has an amazing ability: it changes life for the better and leads to indispensable success.


Each of our employees, who are not indifferent to the common cause, focused on results, showing mutual assistance and initiative in striving for innovation, is an integral part of the company's teamwork.


We carry out the safe transportation of medicines and medical products by means of a special motor transport equipped with refrigeration equipment in accordance with the requirements of the GDP standard, guaranteeing timely delivery.